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These terms and conditions are relevant to all customers making bookings with Smart Auto Tinting in New Zealand:
  • Smart Auto Tinting strictly prohibits any form of verbal or physical abuse towards our staff. Any such behavior will result in appropriate action being taken.
  • The service time provided during booking is an estimate and the actual duration may vary based on the specific needs of your vehicle.
  • Please remove all valuables from your vehicle before dropping it off for service. Smart Auto Tinting is not responsible for lost items and will not entertain any claims related to lost property.
  • Ensure your vehicle is washed and cleaned before servicing.
  • All orders, including phone bookings, require confirmation of address, customer availability, and vehicle condition before a booking is confirmed.
  • Service requests are not guaranteed at the time of booking and may be canceled at the discretion of Smart Auto Tinting.
  • Some vehicles may require extra services beyond the initial order. Refusing these services may void the service guarantee.
  • All window tint installations come with a limited lifetime warranty provided by the film manufacturer. Smart Auto Tinting does not cover product defects.
  • If prior tinting information is not disclosed, Smart Auto Tinting is not responsible for job perfection due to glue residue from the previous tint film.
  • Window tints require 72 hours to cure. Smart Auto Tinting is not liable for wind damage to the film during this period.
  • Unsatisfactory installations, such as water bubbles or peeling, will be redone free of charge. However, minor dust particles are natural in the tinting process, and Smart Auto Tinting is not responsible for them.
  • Customers must inspect the quality of work and the entire vehicle during handover. Claims made after handover will not be entertained.
    Smart Auto Tinting is not liable for any vehicle damage incurred during pickup or drop-off at the customer’s request.
  • Some films may have brand names or logos. While we try to avoid these markings, any removal requests will be at the customer’s expense.
  • Refunds only cover our service charge; costs associated with products used during service are non-refundable.
  • Occasionally, vehicle body paint may come off during the wrapping process due to inferior paint quality. Smart Auto Tinting is not responsible for such occurrences.
  • Additional work beyond the booking agreement will incur hourly charges of $60. The decision to perform additional work rests with the technician.
  • A 20% surcharge will apply to jobs involving excessive dirt, pet hair, lint, or hazardous materials.
  • Prices do not cover the removal of old film. Removal costs start from $20 per window, depending on the vehicle and glass condition.
  • These costs will be discussed before the service begins.
  • If your window film peels off after 72 hours, please email a picture or video to sales@smartautotinting.co.nz or WhatsApp to 022 570 8090.

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Smart Auto Tinting has a reputation as a premier window tinting service provider for cars, homes, and offices in Auckland. We are committed to delivering flawless car services, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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